bed strips

The bed strips that you have chosen are made of cold rolled untreated steel, so they must be treated to prevent rust.  If you are planning to store them for a while you can use a light wipe with a rust preventative such as WD-40 or Gibbs oil. The oils and sweat from your hand will cause rust to form.  Be cautious though as these products must be removed before final finishing and could  possibly stain your bedwood during mock up. 

Before you undertake finishing either your bed strips or your bed wood. I encourage you to look at the products that you will be using and see what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is indicated for each one. Gloves, Respirators and safety glasses or goggles at a minimum. If spray equipment is to be used a disposable spray suit is never a bad idea. Many of the products in use today can have real and lasting effects on your health. Stay aware and smart. 

Along with PPE, each of your products will have a Technical Data Sheet (TDS)  available, take the time to look and understand these sheets.  They will have directions on the proper prep and use of each product and also the proper disposal of each one. 

Seek out a well lit and well ventilated area to prep and finish your Bed strips and bed wood. Temperature and humidity ranges from the TDS must be followed Proper prep and mixing will ensure that you have the best out come for your work.

For your bed wood we recommend the Old Masters Line of products, ending with Spar Varnish TDS  as the top coat.  There are many options for stain and color, just follow the product directions for the best results.

For your cold rolled bed strips, we recommend a quality Direct to Metal (DTM) primer followed by the top coat of your choice.  There are a number of good products ranging from the Upol line of aerosol cans all the way to Top  manufacturers such as Axalta or PPG paint lines. Find a system you like and use it through the entire project.  If you are not familiar with your local Paint Supplier, now is the time to get to know him.  Tell him about your project and ask for product selection help. 

After you have chosen your products, now is the time to read the TSB and see what tools and supplies  you will need. Your paint supplier will also be a source for sundries and solvents. The importance of using the proper tool and using it correctly cannot be understated. Quality brushes and spray equipment will ensure a better job. This is an area where your supplier can help you with recommendations. 

Professional level results are achievable for you, as long as you are deliberate in your prep, product selection and careful to use the products in the manner indicated by the TDS.  We look forward to seeing your results.